Director's Note for Legally Blonde
Picture of Geoffrey Ward, Director

“Oh my God, you guys…”

When I was asked to direct ‘Legally Blonde’, I didn’t have to think twice about my answer: Yes of course, without a doubt! Theatergoers, young and old, have probably seen the movie ‘Legally Blonde’, starring Reese Witherspoon. The movie and now the musical are hilarious, yet poignant. It’s touching yet totally unpredictable. It’s a story of discovering oneself and of coming of age.

A fashion merchandising student and sorority sweetheart at UCLA, Elle Woods journey was written all over the walls; she was to marry Warner Huntington III, settle into a career, hang out at the tennis club, tan in the morning and after a day at the spa, dine at the most lavish restaurants Beverly Hills/Malibu could offer. Only one problem, Warner has other plans. That is to dump Elle because she’s ‘Too Blonde’, move back east to attend Harvard Law School, and eventually became a U.S. Senator. Elle is not deterred by Warner’s sudden insanity. She begins hatching a plan to apply to Harvard herself, be accepted, and win Warner’s love back. After scoring a 179 on the LSAT, along with 4.0 GPA, Elle is accepted into Harvard Law School all for ‘LOVE’. Here is where the woman in Elle begins to emerge. Through self-discovery, self-reflection, a lot of emotional ups and downs, tutoring, and the adoration of a TA named Emmett, the young Malibu princess evolves into a mature Harvard law student.

This coming of age woman is a woman to be reckoned with. Elle, through her own genius in the court room, now demands respect and acceptance into the stuffy east coast culture and yet, still finds her ‘LOVE’. With book by Heather Hach and music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, ‘Legally Blonde, The Musical’, is sure to entertain you, enthrall you, and make you fall in love with Elle Woods all over again.

Thank goodness for the WVLO board who vested in me the challenge and responsibility to tell Elle’s story. I feel so blessed to be sitting in this director chair surrounded by a like-minded ‘Blondies’ staff of theater professionals.

Cheers, Geoffrey Ward, Director