Cast of Nice Work If You Can Get It
RoleActor (hover or click on for more info )
Jimmy Winter Christopher Brady
Billie Bendix Alexis Taylor Maiwald
Cookie McGee Richard Portune
Estonia Dulworth, the Duchess of Woodford Sandra Henschke
Eileen Evergreen Mandy Leung
Jeannie Muldoon Justine Caron
Duke Mahoney Dave Ellis
Senator Max Evergreen Tyr Rodriguez
Chief Berry Gary Stanford, Jr.
Millicent Winter Cynthia Rust-Greaves

Devin Adler
Emily Brady
Steve Completo
Catherine Dietrich
Andrea Furtado
Isaac Glanzer
Sharon Henschke
Kristen Ivers-Williams
Lillian Kautz
Charlynn Knighton
Mike MacKenzie
Jeff Tuttle

The Production Staff
Producer Nancy Kwong
Assistant Producer Liz Dale
Associate Producer Earl Masuda
Director Lisa Milanes
Music Director Ron Bowman
Vocal Director Jesse Sanchez
Choreographer Lisa Callaghan
Scenic Designer Stephen C. Wathen
Tech Director Ed Hand
Costume Designer Carol Clever
Costume Support Judy Pincus and Alice Ray
Hair and Makeup Designer Samantha Stidham and Kim Stidham
Lighting Designer Michael Muñoz
Sound Designer John DiLoreto
Assistant Sound Designer Ralph Zazula
Sound Board Operator Dave Raiman
Stage Managers Mike MacKenzie and Dave Raiman
Assistant Stage Manager Nita Rabe-Uyeno
Stage Crew Thomas Aquino, David Cory, Dawn Johnson, David Lamcke, Frank Sherlock, Amanda Vogel
Light Board Operator Amber Fank, Cameron Kwong, Nancy Kwong
Props Nancy Dean
Company Photographer Edmond Kwong

Reed 1 Asa Stern and Jerry Holmes
Reed 2 Sarah Azevedo
Reed 3 Marty McHan and Richard Krishnan
Reed 4 Sai Masumoto
Trumpet 1 Ian Hattan
Trumpet 2 Susan Schadeck-Chase and David Swager
Trumpet 3 Paul Olivo
Trombone 1 John Fitzhugh
Trombone 2 Miguel Ledezma
Tuba Neil Bliss and James Barany
Keyboard 1 Bruce Herman
Keyboard 2 Monica Bugaoan
Guitar Nick Schott
Bass Drew Amistoso
Drums Jerald Bittle
Percussion Wendy Tran and Bradford Wetmore

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Los Gatos, CA 95031
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