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Auditions began 4 months ago
Sunday, June 11, 2017: 7pm - 9:00pm
Monday, June 12, 2017: 7pm - 9:00pm
(auditionees need come only on one day)

Callbacks Tuesday, June 13, 2017: 7pm - 10pm
Callbacks Thursday, June 15, 2017: 7pm - 10pm
(you may be requested to attend one or both callbacks)

Rehearsals begin September 5
Performances on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays November 4, 2017 - December 2, 2017
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Roles for Bullets Over Broadway
CharacterDescription (note: C4 is middle C)
David Shayne
Male: 25 - 35
Vocal: A2 - Eb4

Struggling playwright David thinks very highly of his own questionable work, and blames every flop on the director's inability to understand his brilliant writing. He's desperate to achieve fame and recognition, and is distracted when with his devoted girlfriend, Ellen. He doesn't want to compromise his artistic integrity, but when he finally has an investor bankroll his play on Broad-way (the mob boss Nick Valenti), he reluctantly, then willingly, does whatever it takes, including making "a deal with the devil", to have a hit show. Strong mover.

Female: 21 - 32
Vocal: A3 - Eb5

David's longtime girlfriend. She's supportive and loving and wants to get married. She's also a realist and not blind to David's avoidance of commitment. Strong mover.

Julian Marx
Male: 35 - 60
Vocal: B2 - E4

David's quick-thinking, supportive producer. Pushes hard to make money from David's play. He also wants to keep everyone happy. Mover.

Nick Valenti
Male: 38 - 50
Vocal: Bb2 - E4

Mob boss. Secure in his power, demands loyalty and obedience, takes violence for granted. Embroiled in a feud with a rival gang. Wants to make his girlfriend Olive happy, despite her obvious disdain for him.

Olive Neal
Female: 21 - 32
Vocal: B3 - D#5

Nick's insensitive girlfriend has an overblown sense of self-importance and wants to be a serious actress. She is oblivious to the fact that she has zero talent. Olive is seductive, ambitious and demanding. She's also ridiculously inane and crass. Strong mover.

Male: 25 - 40
Vocal: A2 - Bb4

Nick Valenti's number one hit man. Tough, intimidating gangster, ruthless and immune to violence. He's assigned to guard Olive during rehearsals, which he grudgingly does. He secretly gets overly involved in the writing of David's play, and has feelings of ownership and entitlement. He resents Olive for ruining "his" play. Strong mover, tap dancer.

Helen Sinclair
Female: 35 - 45
Vocal: E3 - E5

Aging, boozing, almost over-the-hill famous actress who hasn't worked in years. She's pretentious and overly dramatic. When cast in David's play, she uses what's left of her seductive charms to manipulate David into making her dowdy character more attractive and passionate. For Helen, David's success is her ticket back into the spotlight. She lures David away from Ellen. Mover.

Warner Purcell
Male: 35 - 45
Vocal: Bb2 - A4

The actor who plays the leading man in David's play. Grand and friendly. Obsessed with food. Food, food, food. Foolishly gets involved in a secret affair with Olive. Strong mover.

Eden Branch
Female: 21 - 35
Vocal: Bb3 - E5

The ditzy, cheerful, hypersensitive ingenue of David's play. Attached to her little dog. Mover.

Male: 30 - 50
Vocal: n/a

The stage manager.

Male/Female: 18+

Strong movers and some tappers:
Lorna: David's assistant
Sheldon Fletcher: David and Ellen's friend, intellectual self-important playwright.
Kay: David and Ellen's friend
Joe: David and Ellen's friend
Rocco: Gangster
Aldo: Gangster
Richie: Gangster
Johnny: Gangster
Mo: Gangster
Tulio: Gangster
Hot Dog Man and the Four Franks
Hilda Marx: Julian's wife
Josette: Showgirl
Violet: Showgirl
Olive's Understudy

The Staff
DirectorRobin Aronson
Music DirectorAmanda Ku
Vocal DirectorAmanda Ku
ChoreographerDevin Adler
Costume DesignerSue Howell, Lisa Armenta, Judy Pincus
Scenic DesignerSteven C. Wathen
Sound DesignerBrian Foley
Sound CoordinatorDan Singletary
Lighting DesignerMichael Munoz
ProducerLiz Dale
Assistant ProducerNancy Kwong
Associate ProducerEarl Masuda
Stage ManagersMike MacKenzie and Dave Raiman
Tech/Construction DirectorEd Hand
Props Coordinator
Props MistressNancy Dean
Hair/Make UpChristine Ormseth
Publicity/MarketingCynthia Rust-Greaves
Staff PhotographerEdmond Kwong
Program and TicketsMarge Hand
House ManagerJudy Pincus


Email auditions@wvlo.org

Auditions and Tuesday callback location:
Saratoga Civic Theater
13777 Fruitvale Ave
Saratoga, CA
Thursday callback location and most rehearsals at
WVLO Rehearsal Hall
500 E. McGlincey Ave
Campbell, CA
Performances at
Saratoga Civic Theater
13777 Fruitvale Ave
Saratoga, CA

Audition Guidelines & General Information

Auditionees, you have won our hearts and minds just by reading this audition form! So don't be nervous or hesitant to come join us. We welcome you to come on down and have some fun with us. We cannot wait to see your amazing talents!!

The audition will include:

  1. Singing— 32 bars of a contemporary Broadway song which best shows your vocal range, with the option for the music director to ask for more of the song if needed.
    • Do NOT audition with a song from the show.
    • PLEASE bring sheet music in your key. An accompanist will be provided.
    • NO impromptu vocal, acapella, or recorded accompaniment PLEASE!
  2. Acting— a 60-90 second monologue (not from the show) to demonstrate your acting skills.
  3. Dancing— you will be shown a short routine and asked to perform. Note: The choreographer will run some tap lessons prior to rehearsals. Time, place, and participants to be determined after casting.


  • Roles open to all races & ethnicities
  • No roles are pre-cast.
  • Auditions will close promptly at times stated.
  • All actors to play age appropriate
  • No AEA (Actors Equity Association)- no actor stipend or subsidy.
  • Headshot: Bring a headshot if you have one. Don't worry if you don't, we'll take an audition photo on audition day.
  • Rehearsals: Generally, rehearsals are Monday through Thursday evenings 7pm - 10pm, and Sundays 6:30pm - 9pm. Some Saturday rehearsals may also be scheduled. Not everyone needs to attend all rehearsals. After casting, the specific rehearsal dates for each actor (role) will be established.
  • Conflicts: You will have an opportunity at auditions to indicate your conflicts so please bring your personal calendar for the show rehearsal and production window.
  • Click here for the audition form. This is the same link as is sent in the confirmation email after you sign up and confirm your email address.
Questions: email auditions@wvlo.org
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