Director's Note for Bullets Over Broadway: The Musical
picture of Robin Aronson, Director Dear Friends of WVLO,

I have long been a huge fan of Woody Allen's comedies. Maybe it's our shared hometown and culture, maybe it's his brilliant, award-winning way with words, story and character, but whatever it is, his funny is my funny. When the 1994 film of Bullets Over Broadway came out, I thought a new pinnacle of comic mastery had been reached. So I couldn't be more thrilled to be directing the 2014 Tony Award nominated show, Bullets Over Broadway:The Musical, for the WVLO community.

The musical is based on the screenplay, and resounds with popular standards and jazz songs from the 1920s, written by various writers, selected by Allen and amended by Glen Kelly to move the story forward. It's set in the unleashed, untamed Roaring 20s and the Golden Age of Broadway, when gangsters reigned supreme, celebrities strode the stage, and showgirls glittered like the lights of the marquees.

The show is theatre about theatre. We theatre people can never get enough, it seems!

A struggling, ambitious playwright has the chance to direct and have his play produced on Broadway. The downside is he must cast the talentless, crass girlfriend of a notorious mob boss, who is bankrolling the show to make his girlfriend happy. As rehearsals progress, the gangster world and the theatre world become enmeshed in a tangle of artistry and deceit and things spiral out of control in madcap comic antics.

Bullets Over Broadway: The Musical may have you thinking about the consequences of excessive, misguided ambition and the inevitability of dishonesty's downfall. As a comedy, it also affords us the wonderful, much needed chance to laugh at human foibles and to be thoroughly entertained in the process. I'm grateful for comedy, for laughter, for the opportunity to work on this fabulous show with the WVLO company.

Robin Aronson, Ph.D., director