Director's Note for Catch Me If You Can
picture of Lisa Milanes, Director

Growing up, most of us at one point or another had a situation that probably seemed insurmountable and we entertained the thought of running away from home. After great consideration regarding consequences, it was best we stayed and we worked things out.

What I love about our journey back to the 1960's is that we get to immerse ourselves into the real life and times of Frank Abagnale Jr. Based on a true story, our musical is based on a charismatic and creative young man, who faced a debilitating situation with his parents. He thought he had only one decision to make — to run away.

Of course, Frank found it extremely difficult to survive so he had to dig deep and gather all the tools he had at his disposal. This story though is so much more than a teenager who looks a bit older than his years, who finds glamour in bringing his scams to fruition, then enjoying his success to excess.

It is about a boy who comes from a good family, father and mother are in love, he attends a good school but then everything comes crashing down one day when he is told his parents are divorcing. It catapults him into a life he did not really choose but more evolved out of a necessity to survive, however some of it with style and pinstripes!

Frank Jr. doesn't feel any animosity or contempt for the people he's fooling when he pretends to be a pilot, doctor and lawyer; he just wants them to like him, okay, especially the girls. He is lonely. There is always that constant look-over-the-shoulder existence and great concern about getting caught or being greatly injured. He does suffer terribly when finally apprehended but when one prison cell door closes another FBI door opens.

The great irony about our very real Frank Abagnale Jr, is that here is a con man who's so good he winds up working for the very people who put him behind bars. It's the ultimate validation of Frank's fantasies, through all those fake characters he portrayed, who winds up as a real-life FBI employee and then heads a most successful security company!

Thank you to ALL the diligent and creative folks involved in our show and thank you to the amazing actors who have been working so relentlessly to bring this show to life. Living life is what this story is about. Trials and tribulations. Figuring out the most important lesson of all, we need love and family. Don't run away! Enjoy the show!

Lisa Milanes, Director